About us

Stepping Stones works in cooperation with several charter schools throughout Southern California. Stepping Stones offers a learning center for both homeschooling and independent study learning.


Once you have decided to move forward with the Stepping Stones program, the first step would be to make an appointment to see the program in person. Fill out the contact form and we’ll contact you.

Community service

We believe in investing in productive and self-directed learners, responsible and ethical citizens, independent thinkers, decision makers and problem solvers, and effective communicators.


With over 10 years of service to students and their families, Stepping Stones offers pathways to academic success for students 4 to 24 years old. Stepping Stones maintains a 90% graduation rate for students by providing professional tutoring and professional therapeutic services at no cost to the families we serve. Stepping Stones offers three steps to success:

  1. The first step is individualized learning for homeschooling, independent studies, or blended learning students. Stepping Stones partners with Nationally accredited charter schools through California.
  2. The second step is community service. All our students are required to participate in community service programs. The programs range from cleaning up California trails and pathways to caring for children, elderly, or animal to uniting with political leaders to canvass on their behalf. All students participate to make this world a better place.
  3. The third step is connecting students with business and career professionals in any area of the students’ interest. Whether it be military, becoming a chef, a doctor, lawyer, or construction worker, our students learn directly from those professionals doing the job and living their dreams.

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